Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Place, New Resources

So I am now in Arizona, working at an awesome church here in Mesa. I am loving every moment of it. This is definitely an example of a Mexican With Resources.

I am able to practice on many instruments, and watch high quality recordings to see what I can improve upon. I am part of an amazing team of guys that love the Lord, and I consider their wisdom one of the most amazing resources I could ask for. The sound system I get to play on is cranked enough to shake the ceiling of this huge church, literally. This is amazing.

I am telling you this to give you a context for my rants in the coming months. I will be ranting on certain resources, and the difference between South Texan churches and this church. I can tell you right now that there is exactly one church in South Texas that comes even close to this one, and most churches there would be ridiculously happy with the youth sound system at this Arizona church being their main system. I can also tell you that my old band, Cultivate, would pee their pants if they could play on this system.

I would continue, but now is not the time for rants. For now I will simply say that this residency is perhaps the most rockin' thing to happen to me, ever.

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Jeremy said...

Glad to have you aboard my friend. You are a great addition to our team and I hope that God challenges you in many new ways over the next 15 months!