Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Told you I had too much time on my hands.

You ever notice that when you need energy, you are stinking tired, but then when you should be asleep, your mind won't stop racing?

So I added some music to the site. It's in one of the right hand menus... if you want it to stop, just go to the little player thing and press pause.

You probably won't want to press pause, though, because the song is invariably going to rock your face off. Or convict you of some deep spiritual truth.

But, if not, there's a pause button. The current song is "A Praise Chorus" by Jimmy Eat World.

I remember when all of this music was new, in 2002 and 2003, and I felt like my music world would never be the same. There is something awesome about finding new music, that makes me really stinkin' giddy. I want to dance around and play some sort of air instrument.

When I was a mexican with only a few resources, the radio and the cassette player were my best friend. I would record hours of music from the local rock station, pouring over it for those few songs that made me feel all warm inside. I would play and record and re-record and do whatever I could to make the best mixtapes ever. I would take my tape player on the bus with me to middle school, and from then on my life had a soundtrack.

Well, it had one before, but it consisted of me singing the songs I had heard on my mom's country or pop stations. I have fond memories of the Beach Boys' "Kokomo" and Alan Jackson's "Seminole Wind" being on my lips as I stared up at the sky in my elementary school courtyard.

Anyway, now I have more resources, and it seems like it is getting harder and harder to find those songs. Perhaps I just don't appreciate the music as much. Ungratefulness is yet another consequence of obtaining resources.

I think we need to get rid of mp3's, and bring back cassette tapes. Make kids listen and search every song for that feeling, whatever their preference may be. Make them earn the right to listen to that re-recorded mixtape on the bus, with big puffy generic headphones and a tape player that plays faster when you spill water on the batteries (don't ask me how I know, but it works, trust me).


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